I created this site with the intention of offering simple access to online education for Primary Ear Care Clinicians in Cambodia working with All Ears Cambodia (AEC). The idea for it came from a need to provide regular tutorials to the AEC team and it seemed logical to publish these in website format for their convenience. Of course the knowledge and advice here applies to everyone involved with caring for patients suffering with ear disease anywhere in the world so, if you have need to develop your own knowledge or that of health workers in your charge, feel free to enter the site and learn. The level of knowledge presented is appropriate to the AEC team and has them specifically in mind together with the circumstances in which they practice their skills. This should not deter you from having a look inside, however.

In the site you will find pages that give details of anatomy, physiology, pathology and management of ear disease. The information also includes the management of nasal conditions. In quizzes you will find an area that tests your knowledge. There are also patient education resources for your use.

In time the site may offer the opportunity to host discussions on relevant topics affecting disadvantaged people across the world but this is a project for the future at the moment.

Simon Browning
Consultant ENT Surgeon, Wales, UK.